Progress for Wildwood PAC

Our Mission

Continuing the Progress

of Wildwood 

for All of Its People

United By A Common Goal

Progress For Wildwood PAC("PFW") is a continuing political action committee comprised solely of residents of Wildwood. 

The fundamental interest of PFW is protecting and continuing the substantial improvements achieved by our city government over the last year and a half, which include:

   *Improved City Council meeting productivity

   *Enhanced city business processes

   *A new focus on resident communication

   *Inclusiveness of all residents in city governmental and social activities

Primarily, our PAC endorses ongoing full compliance with the stated City Charter principle to "Ensure a responsive government controlled by the citizens of Wildwood." 

We believe that means all  citizens of Wildwood. To that end we advocate:

   *Continued pursuit of "smart progress" initiatives

   *Preservation of Wildwood's core values

   *Continued full compliance with the city's Master Plan and Charter

   *Election of candidates of strong personal character who demonstrate ability to work as a member of a cohesive team

Progress for Wildwood (PFW) PAC Goals


The PFW PAC will endorse and support candidates of demonstrated character and competence who the PAC believes can achieve the following goals:

1) Protect the progress achieved by city government over the last year and a half

· More businesslike and professional approach to city governance

· Significant city business process improvements

· Conservation of taxpayer $

2) Support additional "smart progress" initiatives by city government going forward

· Implement Wildwood 2020 Plan

· Implement Economic Development Element of 2016 Master Plan

· Restore Town Center Development to Original Plan

3) Promote inclusiveness of and responsiveness to all city residents in all governmental activities

· Continue focus on Improved city communications

· Encourage citywide participation in all governmental and social activities

4) Contribute to a City Council operating model based on constructive dialogue, teamwork and positive attitude

· Be able to disagree without being disagreeable

· Get onboard with majority decisions

· Avoid projecting "doom and gloom" attitude

5) Adhere to the provisions of the City Charter and Master Plan in all decisions

· No exceptions on 3-acre non-urban minimum lot size

· Abide by all environmental protection regulations

Get Involved

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Press Releases and Key Information

PFW Press Release 01 16 2018 PDF (pdf)


Statement From the Chair of Progress For Wildwood PAC (pdf)


How PFW Selects Candidates to Support (pdf)